Our History

There is one given factor in today’s world of economy and social and cultural transformations: the awareness that drawing onto the past is reassuring and useful, if you approach it as a source of inspiration and innovation and not thinking of it in a nostalgic way. Although, there is another factor that is just as certain. Something that never shows a decline, but just evolution, transformation, and never the end: taste. That amazing, primordial love for food, for the genuineness of flavours, the thrill of the aroma, the beauty and the intensity in taste of a freshly cooked dish.

From the need for food to the enjoyment of food by savouring the special gastronomic delicacies. This is the slogan that accompanies our "history", a 30-year long history. Our company went through different stages of changing throughout the years: our shops got bigger, the family got larger with the arrival of new co-workers and amongst our customers there are some who speak a different language. However, the values that we had at the beginning and made us stand out are still as strongly attached to our firm as before. Certainly, the principles that have always distinguished our hard work are the professionalism, the quality, always placing the customer at the heart of our attention and always looking for improvement. Those principles reflect daily on our meticulous choice of primary sources used to prepare our products. This productive process runs efficiently by following the hygienic requirements and thanks to our capillary distribution network which allows us to supply our customers weekly, both the ones in Italy and abroad.

Our specialities are presented vacuum packed, ready to be served as a starter, as a side or even as a main course, without adding or taking anything.

Quality & certifications

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