About Us

Buscema Gastronomia has its establishment in the industrial zone of Crotone, located on a 13000 m2 area, of which 4000 m2 are covered and divided in 25000 m2 to be used for production units and the remaining 15000 m2 for deposit and refrigerated warehouses. It is equipped with avant-garde machineries with the purpose of guaranteeing the highest hygienic and sanitary standards during the production of our specialties. The equipment and the machinery allow the industry to face a high level of production daily and the most diverse requests from the ever-changing market and demanding clients.

The company has always been looking for innovation on the productive side by experimenting new specialties to launch, and on the technologic side, as we care for our environment. For this reason, it’s equipped with photovoltaic power systems which allows to produce energy that is needed in a natural way.

Tra i nostri principali partner, possiamo annoverare clienti come, METRO, COOP, CONAD, PAM, Ali, SISA, SIGMA, DESPAR