Buscema Gastronomia has been running since 1987 and it specialises in the sale of food products, both of plant and meat origin. Since then it has been one of the first Italian companies to have launched a new way of representing the classic conserves in glass jars: vacuum-packed and refrigerated products, which reduces the products’ shelf life to a couple months and aims mainly at the speed in the distribution process, which delivers a product that remains always fresh and fragrant, due to the organoleptic characteristics.

However, the Buscema family starts off in the world of gastronomic tradition much earlier, in 1966, when the pioneer Luigi Buscema emigrated to Piedmont (region in North Italy). After many difficulties and after having worked a few years for a well-known food company in Piedmont, he decided to become self-employed.

He started establishing himself in Turin by selling gastronomic specialties handmade by him personally and by the passion that he was driven by, which was then passed from father to son.

We can define Luigi Buscema as a real “pioneer”, one of those who wanted to go one step further with his family. In fact, despite the success achieved in North Italy, homesickness was so strong that he felt the need to move his renowned business in his hometown in 1982. At first he started with the preparation and sale of retail products, and then slowly moved to its transformation, both for the company and for the products. Over the years, the firm has expanded abroad too.


His words: “I try to transmit my passion to all the ones around me, setting the good example, obviously”

"la volontà di tirarsi su le maniche e convincersi che se si vuole far crescere l’azienda l’imprenditore deve viverla in prima persona seguendola passo passo”

These are the words spoken by the founder of the firm in an interview a few years ago and through those words it is possible to see not only the experience, but also the great passion behind every single day of work at Buscema Gastronomia.

Courage, dedication and perseverance are the factors that determined the success, all due to sacrifices and professional application.

Today, Buscema Gastronomia has an excellent role in the agri-foods national sector and it remains a reference for all those companies who operate in this sector.

Buscema Gastronomia, as it has been explains by the admin Guerino Buscema,offers a great deal of gastronomic specialties from olives, marinated fish, vegetables in oil, but the very first place goes to the grilled products, the very masterpiece of the company.